Sunday, May 6, 2012

Long Overdue Update

 I first have to appologize for how long it's been since our last update. We've definitely been busy.
Shane is still busy with school and work. He's on track to finish his degree in Information Technology at University of Phoenix. I'm still working at AZ Chiropractic as their billing and records specialist. We recently moved from our home in San Tan Valley to a rental in Gilbert. We love the area and would like to eventually buy a home here. Parker is settling in with his new babysitter. He loves the interaction with the other kids. He's so social.

Parker updates:
He's almost 2 1/2. He's definitely in the terrible two's. He throws tantrums a lot and pulls faces that he must have learned from me. It makes me laugh some times. He had a hard time getting used to the new house and it's taken him a couple months to be a good boy at going to bed. He started potty training himself... but still has a way to go. He's talking a lot more. His favorite things to say are: "Where'd it go? I don't know. Show me." He LOVES movies. His favorites were Lion King and Despicable Me. Now he likes Bee Movie and The Iron Giant.

We are expecting our next child in a couple weeks. We're having a girl, Rylie. We're so excited and are having a hard time waiting for her to come. Parker says "Come out Rylie!" in his most demanding voice. We're not sure how much he understands about his sister. He does know that mommy has a baby in her tummy... and that might be about it. He loves babies, though, and we're expecting him to be a helpful and loving brother. He's a sweetheart.

Here are our pregnancy/ family pictures that Heather took.

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