Sunday, May 6, 2012

Long Overdue Update

 I first have to appologize for how long it's been since our last update. We've definitely been busy.
Shane is still busy with school and work. He's on track to finish his degree in Information Technology at University of Phoenix. I'm still working at AZ Chiropractic as their billing and records specialist. We recently moved from our home in San Tan Valley to a rental in Gilbert. We love the area and would like to eventually buy a home here. Parker is settling in with his new babysitter. He loves the interaction with the other kids. He's so social.

Parker updates:
He's almost 2 1/2. He's definitely in the terrible two's. He throws tantrums a lot and pulls faces that he must have learned from me. It makes me laugh some times. He had a hard time getting used to the new house and it's taken him a couple months to be a good boy at going to bed. He started potty training himself... but still has a way to go. He's talking a lot more. His favorite things to say are: "Where'd it go? I don't know. Show me." He LOVES movies. His favorites were Lion King and Despicable Me. Now he likes Bee Movie and The Iron Giant.

We are expecting our next child in a couple weeks. We're having a girl, Rylie. We're so excited and are having a hard time waiting for her to come. Parker says "Come out Rylie!" in his most demanding voice. We're not sure how much he understands about his sister. He does know that mommy has a baby in her tummy... and that might be about it. He loves babies, though, and we're expecting him to be a helpful and loving brother. He's a sweetheart.

Here are our pregnancy/ family pictures that Heather took.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4th of July

Wow. I can't believe it's been 4 months since the last post. A BIG appology to those of you looking for updates. We've been keeping busy with work, school, and family. Shane is continuing his Information Technology program at University of Phoenix and is doing well. We're both still enjoying our jobs. Parker is the highlight of our life. He is so full of energy and we love playing with him.

Sorry we don't have many picture. We've been looking for a new camera with audio videos so you can hear Parker's adorable voice.

These pictures are from the Fourth of July. I had my good friend from work, Korttney, and her new boyfriend, Chase, over. We had a BBQ, played games, and set off fireworks in our front yard.

Here is Parker being concerned with the fireworks and wondering what the heck we're doing.

Looking for me to make sure he's supposed to be there.

Found Dad.

My beautiful friend Korttney.

Shane, Chase, and Korttney.

Shane lighting fireworks.

Parker watching Daddy. Isn't he getting so big? It's nice to see his hair finally coming in.

This was Parker getting ready for church back in June, I think. He is such a handsome little man.

Parker is finally in nursery and is really enjoying it. He loves to run and climb on things. He can now climb onto the kitchen table and the bathroom sink. The doctor says he's tall and skinny for his age. His favorite things to say are: "ready, set, GO!", "Please!", and "Bye". He waves and gives great hugs and kisses.

He's showing some signs of being ready for potty training so I bought him his first potty just to get used to seeing it in the house. It took all of five mintues for him to figure out how to take it apart. He loves to help me clean. We bought him a little vacuum and broom. He likes to crash his vacuum into mine and he still prefers the big broom. Such a silly boy.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some Updates

The other night, while Shane and I were eating dinner, Parker started crying and reaching for our plates. I didn't understand what he wanted because he was eating the same thing as us. Finally I realized that the only I had, that he didn't, was a fork. As soon as I gave it to him he was happy.

Here's a picture of him eating his french toast with a fork. Since then we bought him some baby utensils. He loves them.

He is a very curious boy. He likes to get into the kitchen drawers.

Shane celebrated his 27th birthday on February 24th. I took him out to dinner the night before and a movie the weekend after. Happy Birthday Shane! We love you!
Parker enjoyed the cake... a lot.
During the Christmas holiday I worked hard on different art projects. Here are some of them:
My coworker, Alma, had me paint this picture for her husband. We traded and she watched Parker so we could have a couple date nights.

A lady from the Thanksgiving boutique I took part in hired me to paint this picture of her son. Below is a picture she gave me to draw of her baby. Below that is the drawing I did for her.

Here's Parker wearing his winter gear he got from Grandpa Anderson. He's such a cute boy.

Parker updates:

Parker is 15 months. He has 14 teeth. He is average for weight and head size, slightly above average for height (hopefully that will continue). He loves to talk his little baby language. His favorite real word is "uh oh". He understands a lot. He knows what binkie, blanket, bottle, kiss, and brush teeth means. When we need to leave for the babysitter I say "I need my baby" and he runs over and holds his arms up so I can pick him up. He eats everything except for cheese and tomatoes. He runs now instead of walks. He can climb stairs. Sometimes when he's hungry he'll go and sit in his baby chair. He thinks it's funny when Shane or I say the dinner prayer. He likes to pet animals and babies. And he just started to be cuddly again. We love our Parker. He is such a fun spirit to have as a part of our family.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sal's Wedding

On December 30th Shane's brother Sal got married. We were so excited to be there to witness the happy day!

Here's the family getting ready for the ceremony.

Parker and cousin Kylan.

Grandpa Pablo and Blake. Beautiful Sierra.

Sal, Maddy, Trevor, Chase, and Summer.

The perfect couple. Sal and Brenda.
Brenda being walked down the aisle by her dad.
The beautiful ceremony with Santiago as the best man.

Brenda and Sal.

Me and Parker.

Cutting the cake.

We couldn't be more happy to welcome Brenda into our family. She is a great addition.

Congratulations Sal and Brenda!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Early Christmas

We knew we would be spending Christmas with our families. So we let Parker open his big gifts Christmas Eve morning. That way we didn't have to pack them in the car.

His big gifts were an ATV and dragon.

Dad and Parker getting ready for presents!

This video is so funny. It's like he knew what was going on.

Parker's 1st Birthday!

One year ago, on December 24th, Parker Easton Anderson was born. In just one year our tiny baby has grown into a little boy. He has brought so much happiness, laughter, and entertainment to our lives. I cannot imagine life without him. We are truly blessed to have our little Parker.
He can run, say "Mom, Dad, and No". He waves, sometimes. He laughs and smiles a lot. He already thinks he's hilarious. He likes to get in to everything, like the trash, toilet, kitchen drawers. He has 10 teeth and is growing in two more. He thinks it's funny to bite me and Shane. He is now giving kisses and hugs. When Shane or I call each other he smiles and trys to lay his head on the phone. He eats EVERYTHING and then some. We love our Parker!

Here is Parker on his first birthday.

We celebrated at my parents. He loved the hats and kazoos.

"It's a party. I'm gonna celebrate!"

His first choo choo from Aunt Rachel.

Toy dinosaur from Uncle Nate.

He got this interactive computer that you can hook up to the TV. Thanks Nana and Papa!

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday! (Sorry for the angle change)

He sure does love that cake!

Parker and Papa.

All done!

Happy first birthday Parker! We love you!